I was on death row when they found me — will you adopt me?

In 2012, MIAR rescued me from death. The dog catchers caught me and I was about to put me down.

MIAR Foundation rescued me and many others. I didn’t think I was going to make it. But I did and I was one of the lucky ones; MIAR came the day I was to be killed. I have been alive for the past four years and waiting for a loving home.

Give me a chance and I promise to love you a lot.



I have recovered from a terrible nightmare and am ready to find a forever home. Please adopt me!

When MIAR rescued me, everyone was shocked by my condition. Someone had chopped off my front leg and I was in pain. Within a month, I recovered from surgery. At just two years of age, I had already given up on living. Such is the lot of an abandoned street dog who has never known love. At MIAR shelter they said I was one of the worst cases of abuse.

Fortunately, I’ve recovered and I’m ready to find my forever home.

As a result of my experiences at MIAR Shelter, I learned to trust humans again. I am affectionate and will come over to you. I get on well with the other dogs in my run and I love my walks. I have so much love to give and am ready to become part of a special family where I can live the rest of my life surrounded by people who care for me.



Will you adopt me?

I was found on the streets with an open wound to my leg. By the time someone found me, the wound was seriously infected. Someone poured hot water on me.

Lucky for me, I was found in time and the vets were able to restore my health. Sadly though, my life on the streets has left me with some scars in my heart.

I am a lovely dog who loves people. Not all dogs are as lucky as me; I’ve found a safe place to live, but please do not forget about me. I need your help. Please adopt me so MIAR can go on rescuing more, as this is a NO KILL SHELTER.

Thank you and God Bless



Tied to a tree…

Ampang was rescued after his owner tied him to a tree and left him to die. Since he was young, he was chained with a padlock to this tree. The thick chain cut through his neck and it left a deep maggot wound. He was left exposed in the rain since he was a pup. Ampang grew under that tree.

MIAR rescued him and nursed him back to health. He is now a handsome boy waiting for a home. MIAR took a case against the owner and he was fined in court for neglecting Ampang. After such a traumatic ordeal, this amazing boy bounced back and MIAR hopes someone will adopt him one day.

If you would like to adopt any of the dogs above, please email us.